2022 Herb Carnegie Puck - NHL Legends

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Add a piece of history to your hockey collection with this Herb Carnegie puck! 

Driven by his love for the game of hockey, Herb Carnegie overcame an era of racial discrimination to become one of the pre-eminent players in the Quebec Provincial Senior League during the 1940's. He earned multiple MVP honors while playing against future NHL stars in Quebec. Following his career as a player, Carnegie looked to transcend the barriers and pathways that prevented his NHL aspirations, starting one of the first hockey schools in Canada, Future Aces Hockey School, while earning provincial and national awards for his work in speaking to, ad fostering, sportsmanship, respect and diversity in underprivileged communities. 

This black and white puck features the player’s image, name, and the year they were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The 3D engraving adds texture that you won’t find with just a regular printed puck, making this a stand-out in your collection!

Product Details:

  • 3D engraved, creating a unique textured look and feel
  • Enhanced black & white imaging and artwork
  • Designed and decorated in North America
  • Regulation Size (3" x 3" x 1") and Weight (6 oz.)
  • Licensed by the Hockey Hall of Fame