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  • The John Scott story is the ultimate underdog narrative in sports during 2016 when Scott—in the twilight of his career—went from a joke All-Star fan-voted nominee to scoring two goals and winning the All-Star Game’s MVP title. This is his personal memoir—detailing his life growing up and how he was able to keep his sense of humor and become the ultimate...

  • In this updated edition of The Third Best Hull, Dennis Hull outlines his life in hockey with humourous anecdotes, insights, and stories. Find out about the time Dennis helped fellow prankster and teammate Pat Stapleton steal a referee's skates; how he once won a coin toss worth $250,000; and about his ongoing rivalry with Canadiens great Henri Richard....

  • Funny, fierce, and gritty, Bleeding Blue recounts every struggle and success of Wendel Clark’s rough-and-tumble journey to becoming one of hockey’s greatest heroes. Emotional and uplifting, Bleeding Blue is the story of a man who refused to say no, who wore his heart on his sleeve, and who would do anything to keep going, even when everything told him to...

  • In Chicago's Big Teams, author Lew Freedman offers readers a comprehensive and interesting look into the histories and heroes that have made each franchise tick. In 28 unique essays, Chicago's Big Teams unwraps the stories behind the men, moments and circumstances that have forged these great franchises and unforgettable champions. 240 pp.

  • Written by Holly Preston and illustrated by Val Lawton, follow your Home Team, the Chicago Blackhawks, in this children's illustrated book.

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